Spas have come a long way since the early days of the big, oversizedbackyard models. A more streamlined alternative is a built-in fiberglass spa. We offer many different models with much more diversity in shapes and sizes than a portable spa, and all can be customized with features to match your specific desires. Tile, fiber-optic lighting, the number of jets and where they’re placed can be up to you.

A custom fiberglass spa can be installed in a deck, in the ground or partially above ground, creating the environment that best suits your landscaping project.

Most people approach buying a spa from a quantitative view - how many seats, how many jets, how many pumps at what horsepower, etc. While all of these specifications contribute to the spa’s cost, the fact is that these are meaningless if the spa does not meet your needs and expectations. Our consultation team can provide you with the information you need to insure that your spa will be a dream come true.